Monday, October 21, 2013

Quick trip to Knoxville

Made a quick trip to Knoxville today to see mom.  I originally had planned to go up there and come back with her cat, Victoria, who is pretty depressed because mom's not home with her anymore.  But, after getting up there and talking it over with mom and my Aunt Gina, we decided it was probably best that Victoria stay in Knoxville.  Victoria is an old lady, with many health issues.  Moving her down here with me and Mitzi might make her more miserable and just exacerbate her declining health.  I kinda wish we would've resolved this over the phone without having to make the trip, but I'm glad I got to see mom.  I also went and got Victoria and took her over to see mom for a while.  I think that helped both of them a lot.

Shane's kids also dropped by for a visit.  They are getting so big.  Brianna is so pretty and smart!  Kainan was happy and Skylar just slept during the whole visit.  Brianna read us her Dr. Seuss' book, Green Eggs and Ham.  Hard to believe all of these kiddos are mine.

Some photos from today's visit:

Mitzi was pretty glad to see me when I got home.  She practically sat on my head and has had at least one paw touching me for about an hour now.  I'm actually kinda relieved that Victoria is staying in Knoxville.  I was willing to take her while mom rehabs, but I've already got a lot on my plate.  So this works out for the best.

While there, gotta a call from one of Shelby's social workers.  She had all kinds of questions about Shelby, Ebony, their pasts, etc...  I also learned, just today while on the call, that there is another lawyer involved in the case - Shelby's family court lawyer.  Ugh...this is the first hearing of this.  Gonna find out more about this person tomorrow.  There's sooooo many people - it's crazy!  Trying to maintain my sanity.  Think I'm gonna have to draw a diagram of roles just to keep them all straight.

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Patricia Silverberg said...

I love you and my heart goes out to you. Rooms are beautiful. Eli and Emma are very fortunate to have you and Mike. xoxox Patricia