Wednesday, July 28, 2010

C'est la vie

Today is my last day with the Atlanta Film Festival. Leaving breaks my heart but staying would break my spirit.

I met so many great people, saw excellent (and not so excellent) films, drank on the job, contemplated jumping off buildings and running away, grew as a person, reverted to primal and child-like behaviors, fell in love, gave up on humanity, and pushed myself harder than I had ever before. I'm truly grateful for the friends I made, souls I connected with, lessons I learned, and births I witnessed (literally and figuratively). While my time with the Atlanta Film Festival 365 has ended, the relationships I made will continue - that makes me happy.

While this does not even do it justice, below are some of photos of my time there:

Out On Film 2006


Atlanta Film Festival 2007

Lab 601's Fire Pole:

Rapid i Movement 2007
(I kinda just like this picture of me)

Out On Film 2007

Atlanta Writer's Retreat 2007
Great little video by Kent Osborne:

2008 Atlanta Film Festival

Atlanta Screen Writer's Retreat 2008

2009 Atlanta Film Festival

Atlanta Film Festival Writer's Retreat 2009

2010 Atlanta Film Festival

Our Rock Band Album Cover:

“If you only do what you know you can do- you never do very much.” - Thomas Krause