Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Mommy loves you."

I watched the heart-wrenching documentary Dear Zachary last night. Nearly all of my coworkers had already seen it. Some came away angry, others heart-broken. I felt both of these emotions and left the movie thinking tragedies like this most likely happen more than we realize. The heroes of the story are Zachary's grandparents, David and Kathleen Bagby. Following the horrific crimes against their family they successfully fought the Canadian legal system and are making a difference, one little bit at a time.

Before I leave you with the trailer, the one aspect of the film that bothers me is how it might affect Shirley Turner's (the killer) other children. I'm curious to find out about them, if they've seen and what are their thoughts (as this doc was made specifically for their baby brother).

Kurt Kuenne has shown several of his movies at the Atlanta Film Festival, two of which screened last year (2008) - The Phone Book and Slow. We screened Validation in 2007.

All are really good shorts. Validation happens to be on YouTube, it's only 16 minutes: