Thursday, October 17, 2013

Goin' back to rehab

Just got off of the phone with mom.  She left neuro rehab and went home on Tuesday but had another fall last night and today, and is now returning to rehab.  She apparently cut herself pretty badly in the fall.  She's very upset and her spirit seems broken, because she feels so weak - like she's never going to be able to regain her independence.  She was crying on the phone.  I felt the loneliness, fear and sense of loss (in herself) in her voice.  I was trying to be as compassionate as possible, reassuring her that's it's okay to return to rehab - that I understood how much she wanted to be ready to go home and it's very disappointing learning that you're not.  I almost had her laughing about how stubborn we both are by the end of the call.  Guess I'll be heading back to Knoxville today.  Even though I can't really do anything, I suppose providing moral support and companionship is as important as taking the right medication.

Oh, mom...

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