Monday, October 21, 2013

Feline Film Festival

So, my friend, Lynn Lamousin, who by trade is a copywriter and s self-proclaimed "recovering film maker," decided to create a film festival about cats.  She did a great job!  Last night was the very first Atlanta Feline Film Festival.  She did so well, she had to have second screening - sold out both shows, I believe.  The programming was great.  Obviously, the films were all about cats.  It was an hour-long program, with a bunch of great short films.  I'm glad I got to attend and happy the Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project got to be a sponsor.  It was great seeing some familiar faces and friends I hadn't seen in quite a while. Below are just a few photos of the event I captured on my iPhone.  I'm sure there are (or will be) lots more photos from the event on the web site, or the Facebook page.  Next year's will be even bigger.  Congratulations on a job well done, Lynn!  Learn more about Lynn, her business, her fantastic puppet film, The Lady From Sockholm, and her passion on her web site, Kittyboy Creations.

Oh, and Mitzi got some loot from the event.  Here she is admiring her new cat bed.

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