Saturday, November 25, 2006

Who's Better? Pete Townshend or The Edge

Okay, so Wednesday night I saw The Who!!!!!!!

The concert was awesome.  The Pretenders opened for The Who and I had almost completely forgotten about the wonderfully talented Chrissie Hynde.  I'm telling you, she fuckin' rocked that stage!  Isn't a woman rocking on a guitar sexy?!  She totally won me over.  I've always wanted to play guitar.  A couple of years ago I bought a guitar and planned to start taking lessons, but one thing led to another and I never followed through with it.  I really want to learn.  I have a book, so I think I will start using it to practice.  Okay, I so want to be a rock star now.  Just kidding.  Maybe in another life or something.  I am gonna learn how to play the guitar though.

I took some pictures of The Pretenders.  Then, while they were changing the stage I asked some guy behind us to take a picture of me and Mike.  You can see the monitor behind us.  As soon as The Who took the stage I reached for my camera to snap a shot but my camera battery died.  I was so dissappointed.  So, here are some photos of The Pretenders and Mike and I waiting for The Who to take the stage.  There's also a picture of me in my  new Who t-shirt.  It's a very cool t-shirt!

Needless to say when The Who took the stage the whole audience stood and remained standing for quite some time.  For the ladies out there, let me just say that even though Roger Daltrey is 62, he can still move all over that stage and he's definitely still "doable!"  Very sexy!  Here's a picture I found from Google:

Pete Townshend blew me the fuck away!!  Damn, that man can play!  I, like so many others, anxiously waited for Baba O'Riley (my favorite Who song), Won't Get Fooled Again and Who Are you (second favorite).  After they played Baba O'Riley Pete told the audience that the band was never quite sure why everyone like that song so much.  I remember being a teenager and hearing it on the classic rock station.  I once called the radio station and requested they play "Teenage Wasteland."  The DJ was so rude to me and refused to play it for me because I didn't know the correct name of the song--Baba O'Riley.  That DJ was a jerk.  But, I wonder how many other people out there called it "teenage wasteland."  Anyway, watching and hearing them play most of favorite Who songs was excellent!


I'm still just so amazed at the sound that Pete can make come out of that guitar.  I thought back to the U2 concert Mike and I attended about this time last year.  The Edge also played his ass off and put out this huge sound.  I started wondering which one is a better guitarist--Pete Townshend or The Edge.  I don't think I'm really qualified to determine the answer.  So, please tell me your thoughts.  Who is a better guitarist--Pete or The Edge?  Also, please let me know if you were able to see them in concert and what you thought about it.


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