Monday, November 27, 2006

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So turkey day is over and now the malls, convenient stores, and even fruit stands are on a selling mission until Christmas.  Actually, I do remember seeing Christmas shit in Walmart and some drug stores right before Halloween.  Did anyone see people hang up Halloween lights this year?  There were several houses around here that strung Halloween lights like they do their Christmas lights.  What the fuck is up with that shit?!

I had my family in for Thanksgiving dinner and a couple of days following that.  I cooked--and yes, everything was edible.  It turned out pretty damn tasty if I do say so myself.  Well, maybe with the exception of the dressing.  I fucked that one up.  I didn't want to cook StoveTop out of the box, so I bought the Pepperridge Farm stuff along with some celery and onion and all of that.  I forgot the sage, though.  Oh well, I think there was enough other shit to eat if people couldn't stomach the dressing.

On Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, I wrapped up the last of two projects I'd been working on.  That project was called Junior Salesman.  It's a short film for a student at the Art Institute of Atlanta.  The plot is as follows: There is a young guy, Nick, who starts his first big job as a salesman at a local Volkswagen dealership.  Today is his first day on the floor by himself.  I, Joanna, walk in and become his first customer.  He is obviously very nervous and clumsy.  I am a business professional who knows what she wants and doesn't have a lot of time to coddle this kid (which makes him even more nervous).  I tell him I'm interested in a new Jetta, we walk to the lot, I like the car and as we get ready to test drive it together I pull off and steal the car before Nick can get in it.  Nick freaks and realizes he didn't follow protocol and get my license.  So he decides he's going to draw my likeness on a flyer and hand several of them out to people on the street, in hopes that someone will recognize the drawing.  But, Nick is careless and leaves the original flyer on the copier, where his boss, Mark, finds it.  Little does Nick know that Mark is my husband and I have stolen the car as a practical joke, initiating Nick to the company.  Mark calls Nick into his office and scares him by questioning his abilities, I pop my head in and ask Mark if we're still on for lunch and Nick about freaks when he sees me.  I leave but then immediately return handing Nick the key to the car and welcoming him to the company.  Mark reminds Nick to next time copy the license.  I thought it was a very cute story.

There were three cast members for this little short film: Joanna, played by me, Mark, played by Kent Igleheart (he and my husband, Mike, went to the same college at the same time--odd uh?!), and Nick, played by Brad.  The director's name is Whitney, her assistant is Valerie and the sound guy is Chris.  All three are students at The Art Institute of Atlanta.  Here are some photos from the set:

Funny little side note.  The storyline had to change slightly when we discovered the Jetta was a stick-shift, or straight drive.  Originally, Nick and I were suppose to walk down to the lot, he shows me the car, he pulls it out and then as we're switching places I jump in and drive off.  However, Brad had not driven a stick since he was in high school and it was proving to be a little difficult.  So, we changed it.  Nick got in the car, realized it was a stick, got out and told Joanna he didn't know how to drive a stick shift.  So Joanna offers to pull out the car, she does so slowly but then just as Nick goes to open the passenger door Joanna drives off.  I liked that.  I thought it actually fit Nick's character a little better anyway.

The other project I wrapped up is the feature movie, God Is Dead, with which I had my very first audition ever.  I did not get the part but I was able to be part of the movie as an extra and I ended up with a few lines.  Thank you, Matt! The company producing the movie is Mavin Productions.  Let me just say that everyone involved with this production was super nice!  I think they did an excellent job keeping the extras moving and we didn't have to sit around for hours at a time doing nothing. The location was awesome and the extras didn't have to wait in some room with folding chairs.

Here is a brief synopsis of the movie taken directly from the web site: "Rowan is an emotionally-handicapped twenty-something; never is this more evident than when he has no response to his girlfriend Cate's profession of love. But when an invitation takes him to a strangely surreal party, he is forced to take a closer look at parts of his life rarely analyzed: his relationship with his surrogate mother Rena, the engagement of his friends Lucius and Corrine, the possibility of a future without Cate, and the single most influential moment of his life - the death of his parents. What he discovers will free him."  There are also some photos taken on set posted here.  Here are a just a few pictures I took on the last night:

So, now I'm looking for new projects.  I'm also hoping to get a professional headshot done really soon.  I have started working with Southern Screen Report, in marketing and selling advertising.  SSR has a MySpace page now, so please request to be its friend by clicking here.   Anyone interested in placing an ad?  If you know of anyone just let me know.  Right now the print edition has a readership of about 7500, and growing.

Okay, that's it for now.  Beware of Santa Claus's in drug stores, convenient stores and selling fruit.

I saw Running With Scissors last night and was utterly disappointed!  The director totally fucked it up.  I absolutely loved the book but the movie sucked!  I don't think it's even worth renting.

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