Thursday, November 16, 2006

Red Hats, Hot Lesbian Love, Salons and Changing Flat Tires

Hmmmmm...........where to begin.

Let's start from the top, of my head that is.  Dude?!  What the fuck is up with the red hat?  Well, I've joined a cult.  An internet cult that is.  It's called James Gunn's Red Hat Nation.  (I highly suggest you join by clicking here.  My mother was always afraid I would run off a join a cult.  I guess she knew I possessed cult-like-following characteristics.  I hadn't joined one for all of these years so I decided to quit letting her down and just sign the fuck up.

James Gunn's Red Hat Nation actually started due to a fan of James Gunn, Tee2.  See, James Gunn is the writer/director of SLiTHER, and writer of Scooby Doo 2, and some other shit.  Well, he used MySpace to promote and market his movie, SLiTHER.  He wrote blogs and provided fans with interesting behind-the-scene-pictures and other fascinating tidbits.  One of the pictures showed him wearing a red hat.

Well, needless to say, everybody started ragging him about it.  (C'mon, you've got to admit it really deserved a good ragging.)  So, Tee2, being the brilliant artist she is, started photoshopping red hats on people.  She's a freakin' tagger!  (That's a graffiti artist for all you old folks out there.)  Next thing you know, people are doin' it to themselves and James Gunn starts Red Hat Nation.  No one knows where this going to lead, but Tee2 did provide us with the Mothership (so at least we know there is a higher purpose).

Also deserving an honorable mention is Maddy, maker of this excellent orientation film, soon to be shown to all new recruits.

Hot Lesbian Love
Last night I watched Loving Annabelle part of  the line up of the Out On Film Festival, and got to meet the writer/director, Katherine Brooks.

Let me start off by saying that I first learned about Katherine Brooks here on MySpace.  She befriended me and then I followed the promoting and marketing of her movie.  MySpace is excellent for marketing and promoting!! (See Salons further down)  Since I've been following Katherine's success and watched the clips she posted from time to time, I really turned her into this celebrity in my mind.  So, when I met her last night, I was like all fucken nervous and shit, like I was meeting Angelina Jolie or Borat.  Luckily, I did muster up the courage to ask for a photo and told her that I was one of her MySpace friends and how I'm addicted to MySpace.  She was nice and said she's addicted too, and she said she has to take like three days off from MySpace in order to get work done.  She's very thin, short and beautiful.  Just like one of the lesbians from the L-Word.  I guess they do exist--maybe only in Hollywood though.

On to the movie.  I liked the movie.  I have to say I was sort of disappointed though.  The first half of the movie seemed really rushed and didn't flow as fluidly as it could've.  However, it was like watching an entirely different movie once we got to the sex scene.  The overall quality of the movie improved as did the scene changes.  The storyline and acting was good.  During the Q&A, following the movie, Kat (since we've met, we roll like that now) acknowledged the continuity problems in the first half of the movie.  Basically it all came down to the budget.  She couldn't disclose the exact budget for the movie but she did say it less than a million.  So, she said if one part of the movie was going to be great she wanted it to be the sex scene.  "At least the sex would sell the movie"--which I would have to agree.

I got an interesting request from Image Film and Video yesterday.  Gabe, the new president and CEO of Image, thought it would be cool to do a salon on Pimping MySpace.  Basically, the salon would cover how to use MySpace to promote and market yourself and/or your movie.  Since I'm addicted, he asked me if I would like to give the salon.  I said yes.

Here is the web site description of a salon:
Each month IMAGE provides informal, educational salons, which are free and open to the public. Salons cover a variety of issues dealing directly with independent film and video making. Previous salons have featured guest speakers offering their expertise on such varied topics as grant writing, digital filmmaking, and animation. Our Winter/Spring series promises a wealth of information and networking opportunities.

So, I'll be doing a Pimp MySpace salon at Image in March.  Now I have a reason to be on MySpace constantly--RESEARCH!  Ideas, comments and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged. (Please!)

Changing Flat Tires (in the drizzling rain)
On my way home from the screening last night I had to stop for gas.  After filling up, I started rolling off and felt and heard this kaplump-kaplump sound.  Sure enough, I had a freakin' flat tire.  Luckily, I was still in the station lot and I pulled my Jeep out of the way of the pumps.  It's about 11:00pm and there are a few cutomers in the parking lot.  I look for my jack and get the tire iron to loosen the lug nuts (before I jack it up).  I take off my spare tire (luckily all Jeeps come with a full spare, not a donut) and roll it to the side.  Then I jack up my Jeep.  I take of the lugnuts and remove the flat tire.  I go to put on the spare but it requires that the tire be lifted into position.  Well, I had major back surgery in August and I'm not suppose to be lifting heavy things.  I still try but I cannot get it on.  Mike is out of town so I can't call him (plus, it's ridculous to call him to drive all that way for like 10 seconds to lift a tire).  Meanwhile, several cars and trucks and have pulled in and out, looked at me, but not one person offered to stop and help.

So, I see two teenage boys in a car looking over my way as they drive by me.  I flag them down and ask them to please just lift the spare and place it into position.  They did so and I was greatful.  I tightened the nuts and put the flat in the back of my Jeep.  Now, being a self-sufficient and independent woman, I specifically learned and know how to change a tire, just for this reason.  However, being a human being, I think it's rude that not one person stopped to offer their help.  So, if you ever see anyone trying to change a tire by his/herself, please be kind enough to offer your help.

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