Friday, September 5, 2008

TIFF '08 - Day1

Well, I've always wanted to go to the Toronto Film Festival and today I got my wish. Dan and I landed in Toronto around 1:45pm. We grabbed our luggage, rode the bus to the subway and then went to our respective hotels. After dropping our bags we met back up at the Sutton Place Hotel, which is the festival headquarters. I registered, picked up my badge and found Dan in the industry computer lounge. What follows is my day in pictures. So exciting!! (for me, anyway)

I saw this ad in the onflight magazine and loved it!

Dan is declaring NOTHING!


Subway station monitor is running ads promoting Toronto Film Festival.

View from my hotel room window! Awesome!

Industry Computer Hook-up - Carpe WiFi!!!


Movie break. We saw HUNGER. It was good, but sometimes difficult to watch because of brutal violence.

Bright Lights

City Nights

No Rice-A-Roni here.

Didn't your Momma tell you not to drive your car on the table?!

Wha? (Why?)

Maybe we should build some bridges with this china.

Lots of HOT spots.

And lots of HOT girls in short shirts and high heels!

That's it for tonight. A panel, a few movies and lots of cool peeps.....that's on tomorrow's agenda. Peace out!


Anonymous said...

Very cool!

I am SO envious!

Anonymous said...

BTW - "Fierce-Rabbit" is Josie Burgin Lawson. :)

Kari Delaney said...

I love the pictures. The first one is awesome. The car is an interesting center piece. I've never seen that done before, but I'm young and haven't experienced life to the fullest yet. :)

Very very cool!