Monday, October 2, 2006

Do Dodge Chargers deliver hot people?

I didn't go back to work today.  I was tired and sore and I'm squeezing another day out of my fmla.  I go back to my doctor tomorrow for my "release to work."

The reason I'm tired and sore is because I've had a pretty busy weekend.  Sunday, I took my mother-in-law shopping for clothes.  This doesn't sound very tiring but she suffered a stroke a few years ago and is in a wheelchair.  So having to load and unload a wheelchair can be a little tiring, but dressing and undressing a person who has very limited mobility on her right side is downright exhausting.

She also has apraxia, which is basically a speech disorder.  Her mind functions correctly (most of the time) so she knows what she wants to say but when she speaks, something completely different comes out of her mouth.  She's just as surprised as we are to hear what she finally ends up saying.  She can say some pretty funny stuff.  For example, she looked at me the other day and said, "You can get some food for yourself?"  After 20 minutes or so, we finally figured out she was asking when she was going to go shopping for clothes.  She is taking a trip to see a friend and she is completely fixated on the trip, and dressing for it.

She lives downstairs from us in an in-law's suite apartment.  She can use the phone and when she wants something from me or my husband, Mike, she calls us.  She recently called me and left this message: "Hello, Walter, this is Michael. Uh, I mean, Michael this is Walter. Uh, I mean.....Nevermind."  She spent so much energy trying to introduce herself in her message when chances were pretty good I could've probably guessed who was calling me. (Walter is her nephew, by the way.) She called Mike and told him "I can tell you the secrets of the children."  She just wanted to know if he was going to have lunch with her.  She often says the same phrase over and over again but it will have a different meaning each time.  She has a good sense of humor about herself though and that counts for a lot!  She's a good lady.

Then yesterday, Sunday, I spent the entire day on location of a short movie shoot.  I was only an extra so it's nothing to get real excited about, but it was more experience.  I waited for like three and a half hours though before I actually went into the scenes.  The short takes place in a jazz bar, and there are a couple bad guys, a jazz singer and a guy who stumbles into a ongoing plot and creates confusion.  It'll be neat to see the finished project.  There was no pay, it was meals/copy and credit.  Anyway, the name of the short is Jive.  I'll let you know when I get a copy of it.  It was fun once I started doing something.  The people were very nice.

So, today I am looking for a new job.  I saw an add for salespeople needed at Landmark Dodge.  I have no sales experience and almost all of my work history involves healthcare management, but that's all I can find around my neighborhood right now.  So, I called the Dodge guy and emailed him my resume.  We'll see what happens.  I think it's probably easier for a woman to sell a car to man than it is for a man anyway, right?  I could just say something like, "Damn, you look HOT behind that wheel! Don't tell my husband I said that."  That should be somewhat persuasive.  Thoughts?  Especially you guys out there.

It's Monday.  Only three more days to a new episode of The Office! WaHoo!!

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