Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm having my own lttle pity party.....

This morning I was part of a little short video that was being made for a church, to promote their singles group. There were three women and three men and we met at a local tavern at 7:00am to shoot the film. We had to dress like we were going out for a night on the town. We did scenes that had men coming on to women and the women were disgusted and bored. The shoot lasted until 10:30am. Since I have never been on a set before this was pretty neat. Even though there's nothing very romantic about being in a short church film it was neat just to see how everything was done.

Now, for my pity party......having been out of work since mid July for back surgery, I am seriously dreading (which is really much too weak a word) having to return to work on Oct 2. I really need a new job! I live in Monroe and I work in Atlanta at Piedmont Hospital--it's 49 miles one way. In Atlanta traffic it usually takes me close to two hours to get to work and another two to get home--three and half to four hours each day spent commuting amounts to a part-time job, around 20 hours per week. My job is okay, I manage doctors' offices and some hospital programs, but I'm tired. I'm tired of doctors doing whatever they want to do, making my job harder because I'm responsible for their compliance. I'm tired of dealing with staff issues (sick babies, flat tires, or whatever other reason they can't come to work). I'm tired of feeling unappreciated and unsupported by my bosses. And, the idea of driving two hours to deal with all of that really depresses me.

I'm in my last year of MBA school and I plan on seeing that through but I have no idea what I want to do with it. There's really nothing around Monroe. The next closest towns (Loganville, Snellville, Athens) don't have that many opportunities either. I really don't want to stay in healthcare but I don't really know what else I can do. Ugh!!!!! I wish I were rich and didn't have to work. And, I don't think stuffing envelopes, buying/selling property or cold calling are legitimate "work-at-home" businesses. I seriously would rather have another major surgery than return to work. That's sad. I'm sad. I want Thursday to come because of the season premiere of The Office, but I don't want it to come because it's one more day closer to October 2. Ugh!!!! This totally sucks!!

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