Friday, November 22, 2013

Ruh Roh - Water works

So, I was taking a shower yesterday and I noticed that the tube on the shower nozzle was exposed and it was really bubbled up, like a huge pimple about to pop.  Then suddenly, bam, water starts spraying everywhere.  Crap!  I'm a guest and I've single handedly, two days into the apartment, broken her shower sprayer.

So, I planned on just buying her a new shower sprayer when I went out later to ship some boxes home, so I'll have a lighter load when the baby comes and I have to make my way through the airport.  I headed to Burbank because they have a bunch of the big chain stores like Lowes and UPS store.  Like I mentioned before, Jenna was so generous and gave me bunches of clothes and her friend that had a baby also gave a bunch too.  Well, there's just no way to pack all of this into suitcases and pull it through the airport .

Then, three boxes and $217.00 later, I decided that I might need to just try a simplier solution for the shower and tape it up.  So I headed to Lowes.  Spoke to a very nice gentleman who told me to wrap the hose with one piece of tape on the inside, so it won't get bulky trying to slide the silver casing up and taping it.  This is how it turned out.

We'll see how long it lasts.  I think I'm gonna take the hose and see if there is just a replacement for that.

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