Monday, January 16, 2012

Cancer Blows

So my mom called me tonight and told me that her lung biopsy came back positive for cancer. More tests have to be done before a form of treatment is decided upon, but it just fucking blows. I cared for my ex-mother-in-law when she was diagnosed with lung cancer and it was such a cruel and horrible death. No one should have do die like that - it's like a form a murder. Basically she drowned on her on her blood - watching it was horrible and painful.

This coming April 1st, I will celebrate my 10-year anniversary from quitting smoking. I'm glad I quit and I can feel the health benefits from doing so, but I do still miss it. It's so addicting and I found so many reasons not to quit, and also tried to quit many times, before actually doing so. I wish everyone I know would quit smoking. There's still no absolute that I, nor others I know, won't get lung cancer, but I do know my chances of getting it has been reduced tremendously. What I am glad for, is that by reducing my chances of getting lung cancer, I have lessened the burden on family members that would need to take care of me.

Anyway, I'm sure there'll be more to talk about on this.......

In the meantime, instead of buying that next pack of cigarettes, buy a pack of patches.


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Paula said...

Thanks, Kari. I know you just lost your step-father and you've been in my thoughts. Love you too.

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Leslie Wardell said...

Jim's Mother died from lung cancer and she was a non smoker. I know all about the dying part she was here in our home with hospice care which made her comfortable.
I still want to smoke sometimes as well, but the smell on people's clothes really turns me off now.
Keeping you in my thoughts.