Saturday, May 26, 2007

Shrek 3, Severance, Pirates 3 & Size

I saw Shrek the Third (which is specifically not titled "Shrek 3," as you'll discover) last night.  It was pretty good, not as good as the others, but some of the lines in the movie were the best ever.  I love it when adult humor is inserted into a supposedly children's animated cartoon/scene.  My favorite one was delivered in pure "Dieter-from-Sprockets style" by one of the three little pigs.  Although I can't remember the exact quote, I laughed out loud in the theater and fully expected his next line to be, "Would you like to pet my monkey," or, "...and this is where we dance."

Several reviews argue that the movie was a bit Monty Pythonish, and it was, but that's completely fine with me.  The movie was projected in HD, which was absolutely beautiful.  The clarity in detail and color that HD provides is amazing.  Lastly, the girls (princesses) kick ass in this movie, although it's to help secure the Kingdom for a male ruler, but nonetheless, the girls kicked ass and it was awesome.

On Thursday night, Mike and I went to a special screening of SEVERANCE, an independent British comedy/horror that was pretty funny.  It's billed as The Office meets Deliverance.  I wouldn't go quite that far, but I did find it kind of disturbing that I found it kinda funny when people would die or get dismembered in some way.  And, the most disturbingly funniest part of the movie was when a plane was blown from the sky.  Okay, now that you think I'm just a terrorist in disquise, watch it for yourself and see if you don't laugh.

I also got to see the most beautiful man in eyeliner, Johnny Depp, in Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End.  This third installment was much better than the second one, although maybe not quite as good as the first.  There is also sex in this movie--we just don't get to see it.  We do get to see the legendary Keith Richards play the role of Cap'n Jack Sparrow's dad.  As soon I saw him in the scene my immediate thought was how he must've spent the least amount of time in makeup.  While he won't be winning any acting awards, he looked as though he naturally belongs on a pirate ship, sans makeup.  In any case, go see this movie, it's much better than the second one.  And, for a nice setup for the fourth one, stick around at the very end of the closing credits......there is a whole scene (not an out-take).

Okay, now that my movie-going streak has ended, I must deal with reality.  We are on our way to Home Depot to get a new mailbox and post.  Our neighbor's pest control guy ran over ours the other day and completely flattened it.  He tried to repair it but just replaced it with a little-bitty one.  Mike says we need a bigger one, because the mail lady complains about the size of ours so much.  So, size matters.

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