Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Stupid People and Sex

When I got on the internet this morning, I saw this headline: "Cervical Cancer Vaccine: Life Saver or Teen Sex-Life Catalyst?" Naturally, the fire in me instantly ignited and I clicked on the link. Basically, it boils down to this--a vaccine has been developed that can actually help prevent cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is technically a sexually transmitted disease, born of the human papilloma virus (HPV). Millions of women die each year from cervical cancer. The breakthrough of this vaccine is wonderful!! Could it be improved, probably, in time, but something is better than nothing.

Now, some right-wing religious nut-jobs are fighting legislation that would make the vaccine part of the childhood vaccinations for girls, arguing that it will serve as a catalyst for premarital sex. The exact quote from the article states, "Some conservatives and parental-rights groups say such a requirement would encourage premarital sex and interfere with the way they raise their children. Some fear the HPV vaccine's protection would boost young girls' appetite for an early sexual life."

What is wrong with these people?! How can people be so stupid? Really, these people should not even be allowed to procreate! What is it about sex that make these people into raving lunatics? These are like the people in Borat's movie--when he went to the church and they were trying to save him. Turns out he was the most sane person in the church. How can people even have thoughts like this in today's time? Is this not the 21st Century? Why are they still thinking like they're in the 18th Century? Or is it just me? I just don't get it.


Anonymous said...

Have you done research into the drug yourself or only just taken for word what the media says about Gardasil which is the actual name for it. (did you know that?) You are right when u say were living in the 21 centry, one of the most dangerous times in history. Pharmacutical companies have a monopoly on most of the western world populations lifes. Do you really want to stick a fluid into your arm, placing your life in the hands of people who dont care about anything except their bottom line? Do some research on the drug yourself before you make a judgement. It makes me sick that people are so guliable in this age. You are as bad as Evangelists (which is the name of the religious groups, did you know that?) if you make an uninformed judgement.

Paula said...

Yep, I've done research. My daughter received the shot a couple of months ago. And, yes, I do know the name of it, that's why it's listed as one of the tags.

I agree that pharmaceutical companies often times have the bottom line as the top priority. Think about some things though, how many times do you think the drug underwent testing and failed, or similar drugs that were eliminated altogether? How expensive do you think that might be? I'm not defending them, I'm just offering food-for-thought. Also, the problem isn't just with the drug companies--the government has a hand in it as well, with the FDA. Drugs are so much cheaper in Canada and overseas because the companies don't have to jump through all of the bureaucratic hoops. The cost gets placed back on the consumer. Who else is going to pay for it?

And, Evangelists, Evangelicals, whatever you want to yourself is fine. I prefer nutjob. You are playing right into their fear-mongering agenda--you do know that, right? But, that's your prerogative. Perhaps you might feel differently if/when your daughter or a loved one is diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Anonymous said...

I think as long as people are stuipid enough to jump into bed with whoever, whenever that they may cure this disease but another will come along right behind it. People need to learn to live like humans with intelligence, not animals.

There is only one sure cure for STD's, and that is abstinence.

What about this being an aluminum based drug, which we know can cause Alzheimers?