Saturday, December 28, 2013

Missing my life

Even though I truly love Ellie and Emma, I so miss my life.  I miss living in Midtown.  I miss doing what I wanted when I wanted to do it (as in not having someone dependent on me).  I miss my crazy-ass relationship with Jay and our fun Saturdays.  I miss my friends and walking to Piedmont park whenever I wanted.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful for Mike and his generosity and having us live here, but I still miss all that.  But it is nice not having to pay rent.  It's nice having all the cable channels I don't even have time to watch.  It's nice to sit and watch two beautiful children grow and crack up at all of the funny things Ellie says and does.

I'm slowly getting my things put in place and trying to make this apartment my temporary home, but it's still sad at times.

Things I'm happy about:
1. Watching/hearing how Emma stops crying when she hears my voice because right now I'm the most important person in the world to her.
2.  Taking care of Emma and watching her grow.  She has just started smiling on her own and it's a damn cute smile.
3.  Watching Ellie and laughing at how funny he his.
4.  Ellie's hair (altho I am going to get it trimmed very soon - a good friend made a really cool suggestion for it and I think it might work).
5.  Being with all of my pets again
6. Not having to pay regular monthly bills (mortgage/rent, utilities, cable, internet)

Things I truly miss:
1.  My independence
2.  Jay
3.  My friends
4.  The city
5.  Getting anywhere ITP in about 20 minutes

Well, I know I'm behind in my blogging, but thought I'd post this short one.  Heading to Knoxville tomorrow to finish Christmas with Shane and his kids.  We'll be back Sunday.


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