Monday, June 13, 2011

Just some random daily thoughts

I should probably get a real job, but I don't wanna. I honestly dunno if I could show up to a job at a certain time each morning - okay I know I couldn't (because I was always late, no matter where I worked). Now it just seems like it would be even more impossible. I'd so get fired from a nine-to-fiver. Plus, there's the whole "problem with my mouth thing" - can't seem to keep that damn thing shut for anything.

In the past year I lost 15 pounds but gained back five, so that's really only a loss of 10 pounds. (raised eyebrow unhappy, unimpressed smirk)

I have way too many clothes. Most of them are in really good condition but I'll never wear them (or they're now too big bc of the ginormous 10 pound weight loss), so I wanna get rid of them. I don't wanna give them away though - because I totally think somebody would buy them, at a consignment shop or eBay or something but I'm too fucking lazy to make all that shit happen. So, they just sit in my closet taking up space. I'll split the money with whomever takes them and sells them for me.

So, I have this friend, Ted, who lives in Birmingham who HATES it when I drop the "g" in my words - like sayin' or wantin'. I still do it but think of him every time I do. It makes me smile inside a little.

I'd really like to lose all of the fucking cellulite on my legs but apparently not enough to actually do the work it takes to make that happen. So, that pisses me off.

I probably don't watch enough TV to justify paying for cable but I do it anyway - mainly only for AMC (Breaking Bad, Mad Men, etc..). I should just get cable when those shows air but that would mean I'd have to call someone on the phone and order cable and then call and cancel it and then it's just a never-ending-fucking-cycle. It's just easier to pay for the shit.

I've started not putting my clothes away after I wash them. Seriously, what's up with that shit?! I'll fold them, then just put them on the chest or something and then ruffle through those to get dressed. WTF?!

Apparently I think moving something (like a glass or tissue) from the end table to the kitchen counter is productive, because it's one step closer to being in its home (like the dishwasher or trash).

I spend entirely too much time on Facebook and Twitter and checking my email. Really, what is it that I think is gonna (thinking of Ted) happen?! I look at that shit like it's seriously gonna (Ted) tell me when the Rapture is coming. Oh wait..... Okay, that was lame, but seriously - spend entirely too much time on there.

And, speaking of Facebook, I've been really upset with the Facebook iPhone app lately. It takes like a whole minute to load and crap! WTF?! Geez, I got other social media to check, ya know?!

I wonder if I'll ever be easy to deal with.

I'd like a refund (or just continue to forever defer my student-loan payments) because I don't feel like they've been put to good use and I think I'm getting kinda stupid. I think it should work in the opposite direction.

I'm probably too needy of others. I wish that weren't the case. Maybe it's because of the "raised as an only-child thing," but I think it's probably just because I'm fucked up in some way.

Wonder how many of my friends will read this. My blogs used to be personal, like this one, but then I tried to be professional and blog about the movie industry, since I was jumping careers. Going from personal to professional writing hurt me I think - expressively. I became so much more conscious of every word I wrote or who might read my writing. It really restricted my self expression. I remember being asked by a friend (while still writing in a personal manner) if I felt vulnerable, or like I was really putting myself out there - like someone could use it against me. Honestly I didn't - it was pretty liberating. Writing professionally restricted my creativity and expression. From now on, I'm just gonna write however I want.

I think two spaces after a period looks like a lot of wasted space. If you can't deal with all of the other grammatical problems and syntax, sorry - you'll eventually be able to.

Oh, and I wish someone would give me some WD-40 for my patio door because I can never remember to get it - even though I have to fight with my door lock every-fricken-day.


Lady Vanishes said...

I love your blogs. I know I don't leave comments a lot, but I do read your blogs.

I'm not sure why you aren't putting your clothes away.

I do agree with you on the two spaces between periods. I teach my students to only use one space after a period.

Loved all of the random stuff you talked about in this blog.

Lady Vanishes said...

P.S. Congrats on the weight loss!!!

Paula said...

Thanks Kari! I want to write more often but then I get lazy. ;(

I love that you teach your kids to only use one space after a period. That's funny. You rebel, you!

Tessa said...

I'm glad I dropped by to "see you" here today!

Love ya MS P! I agree with so many of the sentiments you shared here. Syntax, grammar, typos...ahh well! I just issue a disclaimer ever so often within my facebook posts etc. haha If If I over-think what I write, while I'm writing it or even afterwards, I wind up erasing all of it! haha

Plus I sure know what you mean re the joys and addictions spawned from self-employment. I'm looking for a "jobbyJob" now, but feel I'm destined to figure out some way to make it as some sort of self-employed diva! ha It would seem that this is not to happen at this particular second in time, and that's ok.

I'm proud of you. You're doin' it!!! That is you & G are working towards building your biz every day. You're doing what ya love & pushing past your comfort zones. You inspiring woman friend, you!!!!!

Paula said...

Thanks, Tessa! I love you. Wish you lived close to me, or vice versa!

Leslie Wardell said...

Hey Paula,
I totally understand your dilemma but can't explain it. We seem to share some of the same maladies.
Jim likes to call me "horizontally challenged" ie, any flat surface usually has something covering it.
But seriously, he is as guilty as I, and being the Hunter/gatherer, once something is brought into the house, it immediately becomes my resposibility.