Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bikers Shouldn't Have It Both Ways!

Lately I've been getting pretty annoyed with people on bicycles, because I think they're taking advantage of their own mobility - in an inconsiderate way. Here's the thing: I usually share the road with three or four people riding bikes on a daily basis and what pisses me off is that they want to act like both a pedestrian and a moving vehicle. I say they shouldn't be able to have it both ways.

Call me a bikest if you want, but I just think they need to choose what they want to be and stick with their choice. For example, they shouldn't be able to ride beside of me on the road and then use the cross walks (as a pedestrian) to make turns, as opposed to following street rules. Does that make any sense? It's law in Georgia that a a driver must stop for pedestrians crossing at crosswalks. But when I see a biker hop on the crosswalk, I think it should be fair game.

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marlon cobos said...

I agree 101%. One time there were maby six of seven bikers and there on our side of the lane. We're diving and then there a big coner turn and a car comes and my mom almost hits the bikers. They also piss me of when there's alot of them in a heap and you need to drive on the other lane to get through and a car comes by. I really cant tolerate it.