Monday, July 14, 2008

Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition Now Accepting Entries!

The Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition looks to discover high quality screenplays and then help the writer further develop and refine their script through an intensive workshop retreat with professional writers and filmmakers.

The Atlanta Film Festival
has a 32 year history of discovering and nurturing new filmmaking talent, including showing early works by Steven Spielberg, Spike Lee, and Victor Nunez. Beyond showing completed films, the Atlanta has been involved in helping filmmakers at various stages of the filmmaking process through programs such as Perfect Pitch, the Southeastern Media Award, and Fiscal Sponsorship. All films start with a screenplay, so the Atlanta Film Festival wanted to help screenwriters develop their screenplays by awarding winners of the Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition the opportunity to workshop their script with industry professionals at a weekend retreat. The first screenplay competition was held in 2007 where the winners received dedicated feedback from Traci Carroll, Joy Lusco Kecken, Michael Lucker, Molly Mayeux, Kent Osborne, and Doug Sadler. The first year was an overwhelming success for winners and mentors and was called "the single most productive and educational experience I've ever had, in terms of developing a screenplay and plotting a film career," writes winner Brett Wood.

Screenplay Competition Submission Deadlines and Fees:

Earlybird: June 27, 2008

Features: Standard - 35.00, Student - 30.00, Atlanta Film Festival Member - 30.00

Shorts: Standard - 30.00, Student - 25.00, Atlanta Film Festival Member - 25.00

Screenplay with Coverage: Standard - 145.00, Student - 135.00, Atlanta Film Festival member - 135.00

Regular: July 25, 2008

Features: Standard - 40.00, Student - 35.00, Atlanta Film Festival Member - 35.00

Shorts: Standard - 35.00, Student - 30.00, Atlanta Film Festival - 30.00

Screenplay with Coverage: Standard - 155.00, Student - 145.00, Atlanta Film Festival - 145.00

Late: August 22, 2008

Features: Standard - 50.00, Student - 45.00, Atlanta Film Festival Member - 45.00

Shorts: Standard - 40.00, Student - 35.00, Atlanta Film Festival Member - 35.00

Screenplay with Coverage: Standard - 165.00, Student - 155.00, Atlanta Film Festival Member - 155.00

Extended: September 5, 2008

Feature: Standard - 65.00, Student - 60.00, Atlanta Film Festival Member - 60.00

Shorts: Standard - 55.00, Student - 50.00, Atlanta Film Festival Member - 50.00

Screenplay with Coverage: Standard 180.00, Student - 170.00, Atlanta Film Festival Member - 170.00

Feature Screenplay

Feature screenplays are unproduced screenplays that are over 50 pages in length in standard screenplay format.

Short Screenplay

Short screenplays are screenplays that are 25 to 50 pages in standard screenplay format using 12-point courier font.

Screenplay with Coverage

The Screenplay with Coverage category is for screenplays of any length up to 130 pages. In addition to eligibility for the contest and prizes, entrants in this category will receive coverage by an industry professional covering areas such as storyline, character development, and format.

In general, coverage will be provided 6 to 8 weeks after receipt of screenplay. If coverage will be more than 8 weeks, writers will notified by email.


1) Screenplays must not have been previously optioned, purchased or produced.

2) Entrants must also submit a logline/summary of the screenplay, no longer than one page.

3) Screenplays must be in English, formatted with 12-point courier font.

4) Screenplays shorter than 25 pages or longer than 130 pages will not be accepted.

5) Screenplays must be copyrighted or registered material.

6) Please note that the prize for the Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition is a workshop retreat to further polish the screenplay with guidance by industry professionals. The retreat will take place in Georgia November 14-16, 2008.

The Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition will provide travel from within the U.S., Canada, or Mexico as well as room and board for one for the retreat.

7) All entrants must be 18 years of age or older.

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