Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lars and The Real Girl


I just saw Lars and The Real Girl, with Ryan Gosling. I'm a huge Ryan Gosling fan and I've been waiting to see this movie for some time now. I give it a B+. I think Gosling's character, Lars, was very well played but the actions in the movie didn't ring true. Gosling did give a very good performance, as usual, but the storyline was weak.

It's obvious from the start that Lars is a damaged person. He doesn't like to be touched and he's detached from his family--apparently this is a result of early family tragedies. He is a functional being, with the ability to hold a job with very limited social skills. I will try not to give anything away that people can't get from the trailer or written reviews, but the first deviation from reality was when Lars actually ordered a man-made doll over the internet. It just doesn't seem within the character's ability to take such a proactive step in his attempt to find a companion/mate.

Several other things occur within the small northern town once Lars' companion, Bianca, arrives that also doesn't really mesh. I think it's great when people pull together to support those going through rough times, but even in a small town, resources (mostly financial) would definitely be an area of interest--but not in the movie.

The movie also touches on character--what it means to "be a man" and "do the right thing." This was probably the sweetest part of the film, but again, it was all just a little too simplistic and convenient. Now, even though I found several flaws with the movie, I would still recommend people see it. I think it does portray the nice and purposeful side of religion--to express tolerance, acceptance and a sense of community.

I do think Gosling put on a little weight for the movie, but I don't care--he's still hot. So, go see the movie--you'll like it. Plus, you'll get to see Ryan Gosling......who can knock that? In the meantime, I'll just be fantasizing about this being me:

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