Thursday, July 12, 2007

Short update

The internet connections have been horrible.  Right now I'm in the business center of my hotel, paying $5 for 15 minutes of dial-ip internet.  I've been writing blogs but I can't post them.  I should be able to post more about our travels tomorrow night, when we get to Johannesburg.  We're in Zimbabwe right now.  I've never felt more white in my entire life.  The country is literally falling apart and the people are running out of food and fuel.  The hotel I'm in is such a contrast to its surrounding area.  Women outside of the hotel grounds are carrying firewood on their heads and women inside the hotel grounds are getting massages (I'm not one of them, though).  It's all very bizarre.  I'm happy to be here to see this part of the world and Victoria Falls but at the same time I feel guilty.  It's all very confusing.

I'll post more tomorrow night.  Until up on the goings on in Zimbabwe.


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