Thursday, February 1, 2007

Driving Tips 101 - Using the left-hand lane (aka: the fast lane)

1.  If you are driving in the left lane and people are passing you in the right lane, GET OUT OF THE LEFT LANE.  The left lane is for people going fast--and that's not you!

2.  If you are in the left lane, and a car approaches you from behind, appearing to be driving faster than you, please move into the right lane.  You should only be in the left lane when you are passing the slow people in the right lane.

3.  If you are going to drive the speed limit, stay in the right-hand lane.  The left lane is for speeders, not slow-pokes like you.

**UPDATE (I think this is going to be an ongoing blog)**

4.  Delivery trucks, or any other oversized vehicle does not need to be in the left lane.  I can see you getting in the left lane to pass, but choosing it as an extended driving option is unacceptable.  People can't see around you, you can't go as fast as cars can on a hill, plus, you're not as fast as you think you are, daddy-o.

5.  Women, please don't perpetuate the stereotype by applying makeup while driving.  This goes for time spent at red lights as well.  C'mon, apply your makeup at home, or in the parking lot of your destination or stop along the way somewhere and apply it.  Otherwise you continue to feed the stereotype.

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