Monday, July 24, 2006


Okay, WTF?! I built this web site that has been a total bomb! I started selling my stuff on eBay and that is going VERY slow. I've got an idea for a business but no capital to speak of and I have no clue as to how to get it off the ground. What gives?

So, I decided that I'd like to try acting. I use to act when I was much younger, in school plays and stuff. I sang in chorus for four years (not that I think I can sing, but I have been in front of an audience). So, yesterday, I searched the area ads for casting calls and open auditions. Everyone wants a headshot and a resume (an acting resume). I don't have one to speak of. So, what to do? Well, I'll still look around and see if I can find open auditions and then just pop into one and see what happens. Plus, I've got another year of school left, so I'm not able to act in plays that require me to be there every Friday and/or Saturday night. But, I could do some commercials. So, if anyone out there needs someone like me in their commercial, just hollar.

I need to do something other than what I'm currently doing, but make at least the amount of money I currently make. So, gimme some ideas y'all. Here are my requirements: it can't feel like work, it can't be utterly boring or painful, it can't have a lot of responsibility--especially with regards to managing people and/or their problems (car trouble, baby sick, overslept, etc), it should make me smile a lot and require me to use my brain--creative side mostly, but I'll engage the analytical side if needed from time-to-time, it should be aesthetically pleasing (lots of nice-looking people) and physically stimulating, and it should start after 9:00am and be done around 3:00pm.

So, anyone hiring????

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